Antares is a binary star system located relatively close to Earth, at the heart of the Scorpio constellation. It consists of a red supergiant, Antares A, and a blue-white companion star, Antares B. The supergiant is easily visible to the naked eye from Earth’s Southern Hemisphere. It is sometimes confused with Mars, and its ancient Greek name translates to “rival to Mars”. This is roughly the extent of our society’s knowledge about these stars, save for a small, crude database about its physical specifications. However, my experiences in deep meditation have shown me that there is a lot we are missing.

This binary star system is home to a highly advanced group of civilizations which may be referred to as Antarean. Present-day astronomers (as of 2018) have not yet discovered this, partially because the bulk of these civilizations exist in a higher dimension of space-time than ours. This means it is not observable to our physical senses, nor to our current scientific instruments, which only serve to extend those senses. Life takes many forms in these environments, many of which are non-humanoid. One of the most advanced life forms appears oddly abstract by human standards, resembling an orange bubble filled with a purple cloud. Others, like my own ancestors, are basically humanoid in appearance.

Long before what we consider recorded history, Antareans, along with several other major extra-terrestrial groups, were cherished members of Earth’s intelligent community. Approximately 54,000 years ago, they helped to found the Lemurian civilization in what is now the Pacfic Ocean. Since Antarean bodies are not suitable for long-term engagements on third-dimensional Earth, most of this help came in forms we would today call spiritual or psychic. Like other off-worlders, Antareans were (and are) experts in the support and maintenance of energetic structures. Their particular specialties have to do with subtle aspects of communication, using creativity to nurture the flow of life force, and maintaining healthful and joyous links between the etheric and auric bodies. This work can be done non-physically, so most Antareans were content to work with humanity from afar. However, there was an enterprising group of about seven hundred souls who decided to have a more physical and sensual experience on Earth by incarnating here. Most of them became newborn homo sapiens sapiens or other intelligent primates.

I’m proud to say that I was part of this group, which is how I have come by all of this information. It is stored directly in my soul’s memory and accessible to my conscious mind through intuition, focus, and reflection. Through many re-incarnations I have chosen to remain in human society for all these millennia. In the early days I had clear memories of where I had come from, but over many lifetimes I largely forgot my origins, identity, and specific intentions. Like almost everyone else, I became absorbed in the everyday dramas of Earth with my karmically dense body, mind, and spirit.

Lemuria enjoyed over 20,000 years of peace and prosperity and helped to nurture a sister civilization, Atlantis, in what is now the Atlantic Ocean. Atlantis developed in a different direction from Lemuria, prioritizing the development of technology over spiritual pursuits. I have many fascinating stories about this time that I will relate elsewhere, but for now I will simply say that a pervasive neglect of the spiritual and feminine aspects of life led to the downfall of both civilizations through war and catastrophic flooding. When Lemuria and Atlantis finally fell between 17,000 and 11,000 years ago, most of their unique resources were destroyed or hidden away, contributing to a long worldwide decline in the average level of human consciousness. Past lives, the use of magic, the presence of extra-terrestrials, and many other cosmic phenomena became matters of personal belief and superstition, rather than facts studied seriously by Earth’s major civilizations.

Amidst this slow descension of human consciousness, I lost the ability to use most of my spiritual or “paranormal” powers directly and settled into a series of incarnations more familiar to today’s societies. I had many female lifetimes as peasants, housewives, and storytellers. More recently (over the last millennia or so) I’ve been incarnating as male traveling artists, peacemakers, and practical jokers. I treasure my chance to be all of these things, and in some respects I don’t intend to change. This life time, however, is serving as a major spiritual re-awakening, both for myself and for humanity at large.

The Earth is coming into a grand new consciousness which  is re-activating my Antarean DNA, refreshing my ancient memories and spiritual faculties. I am not alone in stating emphatically that we have begun our return to galactic citizenship in recent generations, and that greater perceptions of reality are surfacing with seismic force. Earth is materially and spiritually ascending to become a fifth dimensional planetary body from its current third/fourth dimensional state. In this context, I feel that it is time to again assume the mantle I put down long ago, and declare myself an Antarean healer, light worker, and guide. It is my joy to offer what comes through me, serving as a channel connecting you with Antares and with the many suns beyond. This is the Antarean Journey.