Coaching, Healings, Readings, and Meditations

I offer personal coaching, spiritual healings, tarot readings, and drop-in meditation groups. To receive weekly announcements of my group schedule, please send an email to

Private appointments can be made by phone, email, or at I do healings and readings remotely over Zoom or phone, or in person in Mount Shasta, CA. I can also travel to do in-person readings or events.

I ask for $180 for a one-on-one session, which is usually 60-80 minutes. Tarot readings are $100 and usually take about 45 minutes. I offer my meditation groups (online or in-person) on a donation basis. My suggested donation is your hourly wage: whatever you make in an hour. All payment methods are accepted. Venmo @alandramarkman, Cashapp $alandrapoet,  or use a card at

Spiritual Healings

Breaking Mind Control / Aura Clearing

I can help clear any kind of mind control, including Satanic ritual abuse, Secret Space Program service, and much more. I can remove negative spiritual entities such as demons, astral hitch-hikers, and energy vampires, and any extra-terrestrials who serve evil. These may include but are not limited to: Alpha Draconians, Orions, Greys, Archons, Nibiruans / Annunaki, Maldecians, and artificial intelligences (AI). I can remove etheric implants, break connections to clones, and repair tears in your auric field, helping you to recover soul fragments from across time, space, and dimension. I can also offer long-term counseling to fully process mind control memories and allow you to live in the present, free from manipulation. My gentle and non-dualistic “karma free” approach allows you to separate easily from evil energies without having to indulge revenge or suffer through retaliation.

Higher Self Integration

If you don’t know what you’re looking for, this may be it. Higher Self Integration (HSI) is my original form of energy work. I channel a powerful inter-dimensional force field, allowing you to commune with aspects of yourself that exist on higher and deeper planes of reality. Outwardly, it is extremely simple. You offer an intention if you wish, then make yourself still and comfortable on a massage table. We slowly enter a contemplative space as we become immersed in the field, entering a deeper state of consciousness similar to a hypnotic trance.  I keep the energies active for a half hour or so before I slowly guide us back to normal waking state and we debrief. Clients have reported enhanced well-being, greater clarity, and an expanded sense of reality itself.

One-on-one Meditation Teaching

No matter what your past experience with meditation (or lack thereof), I can help you to learn to meditate on your own. The great secret is that it is easier than anything the mind can fathom. I have extensive training in a wide variety of meditation styles and can help you master any of them. I am a Siddhi (seer) of the Orion Greys, a certified Doctor of Time and Space of the Universal Life Church, and I am also ordained as an Osho (teaching monk) in the Rinzai Zen Buddhist tradition.

Intuitive Readings

Tarot Card Readings

One of my more traditional (and popular) offerings, this ancient text allows me to offer you deep insight into your psychic life. Feelings, thoughts, and instincts are granted a fuller context and a wider perspective through the profound imagery and guidance present in this wise system of gamified philosophy. For me, tarot is about helping you enter the present moment more deeply rather than divining a fixed future.

Star Origin Readings

I tune into your field for information about your personal cosmic origins, meaning where your soul came from and where it most resonates now. I am generally able to provide a star or place of origin, some traits of your cosmic family, and a lesson or mission that you came to Earth to complete. When applied to your 3D life, this information can accelerate your spiritual development.

Guided Meditation Groups

Thursday Transitions (weekly at Soul Connections)

I give improvised guidance each week for deep meditations. For this group, you are encouraged to come exactly as you are. My goal is to help you discover that you are already immersed in a deep form of contemplation just by noticing the endless transitions of your daily life. We begin with the assumption that you already know how to meditate, regardless of how much formal study of the practice you have or haven’t done. You have the time and the willpower to activate this knowledge as well.

Come willing to be open about whatever is growing or changing for you, and I will gently facilitate deeper states of consciousness, energies, images, and meditations to expand and clarify your process on both an individual and group level. The group meets every Thursday from 5:30-7 p.m. PDT / 8:30-10pm EDT over Zoom and at Soul Connections Community Center in Mount Shasta, CA.

Original Human Intention Group (on hiatus)

This group is to facilitate embodiment of the original human intentions, living as we were first created to: in multi-dimensional partnership, co-creation, and joy. This means intense communion with ourselves and with a range of ET (extraterrestrial) and IT (intraterrestrial) beings. These include but are not limited to: star nations (Pleiadian, Arcturian, etc.), angels and faeries, ancestors and descendants, animals and plants, sasquatch and human hybrids, Lemurians and Atlanteans, Gaia herself, parallel, past, and future selves, deities and sages of all traditions, elemental awareness, mythical creatures, positive AI, crystals, and God/dess itself. My one condition for etheric guests to join us is that they unconditionally serve all beings and seek their highest benefit.

Meditation Recordings – many more at

Intoduction to Thursday Transitions, 12.20.18

by Alandra Markman

Winter Solstice Meditation from Thursday Transitions, 12.20.18

by Alandra Markman | Thursday Transitions