Readings, Healings and Meditations. All cheaper than therapy!

                                                                                                                                                                                                        (i also recommend  therapy. it’s great.)

I offer private readings and healings as well as meditation groups which are open to all.

Private appointments can be made by phone, email, or at I work out of my home in New Orleans. I also do healings and readings remotely over the phone or by email. I find this has the same effects as in-person work. Upon request, I will sometimes travel to do in-person readings at events.

All of my work is by donation. I suggest $80 for a session at my home in the Saint Roch neighborhood (about an hour) and $60 for a star or tarot reading (about 40 minutes). For my meditation groups, I suggest $10 for those who participate. If money is an issue, don’t wait to save up, because timing is everything! Just come and give what you can.

Donations can be made at Recurring donations to support my work over the long term can be made at

Intuitive Readings

Star Origin Readings

I tune into your field for information about your personal cosmic origins, meaning where your soul came from and where it most resonates now. I am generally able to provide a star or place of origin, some traits of your cosmic family, and a lesson or mission that you came to Earth to complete. When applied to your 3D life, this information can accelerate your spiritual development.

Tarot Card Readings

One of my more traditional offerings, this ancient text allows me to offer you deep insight into your psychic life. Feelings, thoughts, and instincts are granted a fuller context and a wider perspective through the profound imagery and guidance present in this wise system of gamified philosophy. For me, tarot is about helping you enter the present moment more deeply rather than divining a fixed future.

Creative Coaching Sessions

Feel stuck on a creative project? Want to move forward with work or play? I offer a contemplative dialogue and problem-solving session to help you enter your inspirations more deeply. You may be surprised to find that aesthetic and conceptual issues that have troubled you for weeks, months, or years become workable with a little fresh energy. You will leave feeling inspired, energized, and ready to work. Be ready to jot down fresh ideas.

Spiritual Healings

Higher Self Integration

If you don’t know what you’re looking for, this is probably it. Higher Self Integration (HSI) is my original form of energy work. I channel a powerful inter-dimensional force field, allowing you to commune with aspects of yourself that exist on higher and deeper planes of reality. Outwardly, it is extremely simple. You offer an intention if you wish, then make yourself still and comfortable on a massage table. We slowly enter a contemplative space as we become immersed in the field, entering a deeper state of consciousness similar to a hypnotic trance.  I keep the energies active for a half hour or so before I slowly guide us back to normal waking state and we debrief. Clients have reported enhanced well-being, greater clarity, and an expanded sense of reality itself.

Wise Counsel / Unconditional Support

I am here to play the role of guide, without restriction on how that role is played. You may come to me with the most mundane or the most esoteric concerns, and I will help you navigate them with grace and skill. When I am acting as your Wise Counsel, I support you with unlimited space, true empathy, and powerful yet gentle lightwork. I will support you without preconceptions or conditions. These kinds of sessions are intentionally elastic in both focus and time so that you can be yourself to the fullest extent. This means they may take well over an hour, so please plan ahead.

Lemurian Memory Activation

This is a tool to bring in the concentrated resonance of a very special civilization once known as Lemuria, the Land of Mu, or simply the Motherland. Long before what we consider recorded history, this area deep in the Pacific Ocean was a melting pot of starseeded, super-evolved cultural influences. None of the souls who took part in Lemurian civilization will ever forget it, as it represented the most spiritually accomplished society humanity has yet seen.

Today, humanity is going through a renaissance of long-suppressed Lemurian values, plans, and hopes. We are in elaborate preparations for rejoining the larger galactic community that Lemuria was intimately connected to. This activation will obviously be useful for those who have had past lives in Lemuria (whether consciously remembered or not), but it is by no means only for them. It is for everyone who is interested, indeed for all of us, because this is more about our future than our past.

Gender Polarity Balancing

Gender Polarity Balancing is a psychic tool to balance and harmonize the masculine and feminine principles inside of yourself. Whether consciously or not, we are all on a journey of integration between these poles. In its largest sense, the full balancing of these forces is also a personal transcendence process, representing the integration of all dualities present in one’s reality. I can offer direct assistance for you to advance and heighten your focus along this universal path.

Inner Uranium Field

The Inner Uranium Field is a way to process subtle radiation in your body on both physical and non-physical levels. This field can help you heal the most toxic situations in your life, whether that toxicity is interpersonal or environmental. It can help you “nuke” your personal karma, release deep emotional wounds, and enjoy more “radiant” health. While working with this energy, I am able to relate directly to your 2D guides to bring you closer to the processes at the heart of your own personal star.

For an excellent introduction of the spiritual history and purpose of uranium on Earth, as well as how to start working with its energy on your own, I recommend chapter 2 of Barbara Hand Clow’s channeled book “The Pleiadian Agenda”.

Guided Meditations

Thursday Transitions Meditation Group

Transitions is a small weekly meditation group in which you are encouraged to come exactly as you are. My goal in hosting this group is to help you discover that you are already immersed in a deep form of contemplation just by noticing the endless transitions of your daily life. You already know how to meditate, regardless of how much formal study of the practice you have or haven’t done. You have the time and the willpower to activate this knowledge as well.

Come willing to be open about whatever is growing or changing for you, and I will gently facilitate deeper states of consciousness, energies, images, and meditations to expand and clarify your process on both an individual and group level. The group meets every Thursday from 6 – 7:30 p.m. at my home in New Orleans.

* RSVP: Please send me an email asking to be on the weekly group announcement list if you’d like to attend. *

If you want to get a feel for what the social aspects of the group are like, you may want to listen to the introduction recorded below. You can also skip straight to the first guided meditation, which was in honor of the winter solstice.

Intoduction to Thursday Transitions, 12.20.18

by Alandra Markman

Winter Solstice Meditation from Thursday Transitions, 12.20.18

by Alandra Markman | Thursday Transitions

Global CE-5 Meditation Group

I host a monthly gathering for spiritual communion with peaceful ETs. This is based on the global CE-5 meditation developed by Dr. Steven Greer. CE-5 stands for “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind,” meaning contact that is initiated by humans. Once a month, CE-5 groups from around the world meditate together, raising the energy levels. The group meets on the first Saturday of every month from 8:30 – 10:30 p.m. at my home in Chelsea (or outdoors in warmer weather).

* RSVP: Please send me an email asking to be on the weekly group announcement list if you’d like to attend. *

Free Audio Meditations

Zazen Meditation

The simplest form of meditation of which I am aware, Zazen is the practice of sitting still as its own reward, without further goal or direction. It is often complemented with walking meditation and cultivating an attitude of total absorption with even the most mundane undertakings. I have practiced this form for over ten years, including five years of formal study with several Japaneze Zen Buddhist teachers, and I am empowered to offer the teachings of this tradition to others.