Antarean Journeys

Spiritual Guidance and Healing.

I do personalized spiritual healing work based on my experience as a starseed from the Antares system and a survivor of the Secret Space Programs. My mission is to facilitate your shift to a higher consciousness and vibration. I can remove negative entities, reverse curses, remove etheric implants, help with ritual abuse healing, and break mind control. I can also help any spiritual seeker reach an expanded awareness of creation, light, and oneness.

I offer personal coaching for trauma based mind control survivors, spiritual healings, readings, and group meditations. Details are on the available services page. I hope to serve your enlightenment and healing.

About Alandra Markman

Alandra Markman is an intuitive healer, multi-disciplinary artist, empath, and starseed who resonates strongly with Sol (our sun), Antares, and the Galactic Center. He is a survivor/veteran of Rainbow Bridge, popularly known as the Montauk Project of the Secret Space Program. 8th-dimensional Antareans helped him survive these trauma-based mind control and Satanic Ritual Abuse experiences, illustrating the need to replace violence and ignorance with creativity and self-knowledge. He is thrilled to be walking his chosen path with the constant companionship of many ascended beings of Light. It is his great joy to serve Earth’s ascension process.

His general website is

Definitely some healing going on here. Powerful. Connected. Felt. Alandra is a unique, uncommon light, tapping into a unique, uncommon pathway. I highly recommend multiple sessions. Even for you non-believers, something will occur. Rest assured.
Shana Deane

Mediator, Coach, Certified End-of-life Doula (

Alandra’s healing work is multi-dimensional and effective. He supports me in going to deep emotional, energetic, and spiritual levels to effect profound change in longstanding patterns. I recommend him highly, and I’m delighted to continue to work with him on an ongoing basis.
Allison Moore

spiritual mentor, advanced practitioner of Matrix Energetics , Exploration in Consciousness

Alandra is an extraordinary person, rare and powerful. Clear beauty and power emanate from him continuously.
Ferol Humprey

World-renowned Tarot reader and proprietor of The Art Of Wellness

Alandra is quite adept at establishing and sustaining the energy field needed for deep soul healing. During my session, he was very understanding of my needs and adapted his technique accordingly. Unlike with other energy healers I have worked with, I felt that my experience with Alandra was more collaborative and therefore more memorable. Rather than him doing work on me, I felt that he was supporting me to not only connect deeply with my Higher Self, but to experience the healing on my own terms. The inner guidance I received during the session is present with me on a daily basis.

Alandra is a compassionate soul with much wisdom and insight into our multi-dimensional capabilities. I am very grateful for his abilities and hope to continue working with him in the future.

Iliana Salazar-Dodge

activist and shamanic healer