Montauk Project and Secret Space Program (SSP) Disclosure:

The Cosmic Disclosure interview show on Gaia TV is the most popular avenue for SSP Disclosure:

James Rink’s Super Soldier Talk is a collection of interviews with SSP survivors: The direct YouTube link:

Miesha Johnston offers support groups and hypnotherapy for SSP and SRA survivors: Her Zoom groups alternate between Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings.

Alfred Bielek was a Montauk project survivor and has some good interview material on his website: as well as YouTube.

Duncan Cameron was the lead psychic/mentalist of the Montauk Project:

Support for Satanic Ritual Abuse and Dissociative Identity Disorder:

The Dissociative Identity Disorder subreddit is a good place to meet other SRA survivors:

Andrea Sadegh is a Montauk, SSP, and SRA survivor with an amazing website:

Anneke Lucas is a Belgian SRA survivor and yoga teacher now living in New York. She has done extensive writing and interviews about her experiences: She also facilitates a closed text chat group for SRA survivors; contact her directly if interested.

The Survivorship organization provided a lot of good peer support in the 1990s and early 2000s. Although it has been infiltrated by Satanists and is no longer safe for survivors, their website still has some useful links and can be a good place to start if you are new to recovery:  They also have some documentation of ritual abuse cases at