Headed up to the little gully often called a “vortex” on Mount Shasta, I had a feeling of soupy density in the air. Despite the bright, clear skies, the birds seemed strangely muted, while the crunch of icy spring snow beneath my feet sounded both closer and far away than it was. Far from the path of totality, about two day’s drive to the South, I could still feel the energy of the eclipse turning the crisp clarity of the mountain path into something more like an oil painting.

Some forty minutes down the trail, I stopped to meditate in the shade, gathering some fallen branches to sit on. It was about 11am, and our almost imperceptible eclipse- a 10 to 20 percent dimming of the light- was beginning. I watched the altered sun stream down between the trees and began to listen to what it was saying. As is often the case when listening to higher intelligences, I was struck both by its depth and its obviousness.

“This is an alignment of the solar and lunar bodies. The Sol/Soul within- the Logos, the Masculine- is aligning with the Luna within – the Mystery, the Feminine. This is an alignment to bring you, and to bring all beings, into harmony with the Great Central Sun, the Creator source.”

Closing my eyes, I held that in my heart as a prayer for a few moments. I could feel my face tingling. As I felt the meeting of these inner bodies, I extended an invitation in my mind for all of humanity to experience this as well. Soon I had an impulse to open my eyes again. There were two fresh contrails directly overhead, neatly forming a cross.

Contrail Cross over Mount Shasta

I let out a surprised chuckle. For me that form represents the merging of the horizontal line– relational or feminine movement– with the vertical line– intellectual or masculine movement. I was reminded of how we all participate in the unfolding of a meditation like this, whether consciously or not. Today, a couple of pilots had unwittingly joined in on my lightwork.

When I felt done, I descended back to the road in good spirits, following the fresh footprints I had made in the snow. The forest seemed to come back into focus. I came across fresh deer and bobcat tracks crossing the trail. A couple of crows flew low overhead and seemed intent on jostling me awake with their gruff caws.

Thank you to our source god/dess. Thank you to the mountain. Thank you for reading!