We all essentially agree that we live in the 3 physical dimensions of length, width, and depth. We often hear that the 4th dimension is time, which is a reasonable assumption if you take our three directions plus the movement of time to be the only perceptible changes in our physical reality. Density, too, is something we can mostly agree on. Objects are lighter or heavier, with different amounts of mass subject to lesser or greater gravity.

However, when you hear the words dimension or density used in a metaphysical sense by spiritual folk, you are being asked to believe that our entire physical reality, from atoms to planets, is composed of varying wavelengths of light. Density refers to the consciousness or inwardly felt sensations of a given spectrum of light, whereas dimension refers to the physical space or outwardly perceived environment of a given spectrum of light. At times, these are two ways of saying the same thing, because consciousness and matter, inner and outer, are ultimately one undivided reality. This becomes more readily apparent when one is functioning at a 5th density level of consciousness or higher. However, when functioning below 5th density (as those who are reading this must do), it can be fruitful to differentiate between density and dimension in a metaphysical context.

Let us use a dog as a familiar example of a sentient being with 2nd density consciousness occupying 3rd dimensional space. We can say that the dog is only capable of thought and action based on direct cause and effect: if X, then Y. In Pavlov’s famous example, a bell rings and a dog remembers the meaning that food will soon be presented. However, a second-density being cannot mentally track cause and effect beyond one single iteration. There is only X and Y, no Z. Three interrelated events in space-time are too much for a 2nd density being to keep track of. It possesses intelligent consciousness but no self-consciousness, which is 3rd density consciousness At the same time, the dog is fully aware of depth, height, and length, so it moves as we do, in three spatial dimensions.

3rd density humans can perceive a second iteration of cause and effect. Using three variables, X, Y, and Z, Mental grey areas become possible. We can map locations, either physical or conceptual, with great precision through the process of triangulation. Whether it’s with simple terms like yes, no, and maybe, or with sophisticated geopositioning via satellite, we are skilled at finding an exact position by envisioning three distinct co-dependent realities.

No matter how intelligent we are, though, we falter when it comes to a third iteration of cause and effect. Any 3rd density process of intellectual reasoning, when closely examined, breaks down into a series of two to three interrelating premises, never four or more at once. Adding another co-dependent premise would bring us to a 4th density level of consciousness. A 4th density being sees beyond divisions of threes (like past, present, and future) and into a more unified field of awareness. For them, there is X, Y, Z, and 0, where 0 represents the potential of any variable to follow Z. They can see in direct manifestation things that for us can only exist “in potential”. A way to say this in linear terms is that they use not only variables, but variables of variables, in their reasoning processes.

Variables of Variables? Let’s pause for a moment. If you understood what I just wrote, you probably have a strong intution as well as a good education. In terms of consciousness, this roughly equates to being aware of being aware. You are not only self-conscious (as 3rd density beings are) but also conscious of being self-conscious, or spiritually conscious (as 4th density beings are). Way to go! If you’re still reading this, though, you remain in 3rd dimensional space. Ergo, you may now think of yourself as a 4th density consciousness existing in the 3rd dimension!

At this point, you can start to extrapolate what the higher densities are like on a mental level. Oe simply adds another iteration of cause and effect to one’s thought process for each higher density. On a physical level, it is harder to picture. Many useful diagrams have been proposed in the scientific community, such as the tesseract (a 4th dimensional cube) or models of space-time where the dimensions are “inside” one another. The sensation of entering higher dimensions is often described as “being turned inside out.” The perceived boundaries between inner and outer landscapes dissolve and you exist as a unified entity representing both yourself and and your environment.

The distinction between density and dimension remains useful up to the 5th density. In the 5th physical dimension, one may easily find beings that are 6th, 7th, or higher density in consciousness. Beings that are at a 6th density level or above move freely between neighboring planes because comparatively little energy or willpower is needed to traverse them. The higher up one goes in conciousness, the less energy one needs to create a physical form. This means that density and dimension, inner and outer form, start to have the same general meaning on higher planes of existence and thought.

With this in mind, many people who travel between densities and dimensions in meditation simply use the abbreviation 3D/4D/etc for ease of reference. As those in our culture begin to listen more closely to their spiritual guides and talk more seriously about this cluster of subjects, we will probably see more such terms arise. Whether and how you make these distinctions within your own experience is entirely up to you. Rest assured that experiences that cross the boundaries of dimensions and densities are accessible to you through regular meditation. There are a few exercises on this site to help you get started if you are interested. Thank you for reading.