What is the experience like?

While the concepts of the Higher Self and of faith-based healing are familiar to many, I feel that I am offering a service that is completely unique in today’s society. There is (as yet) no widely-known formal discipline that may serve to categorize my offering. Reports of its effects have varied from person to person, with the only commonality being that it is a shift from one’s baseline consciousness and a journey into what lies beyond it. That said, I will list some other personal growth pursuits to which my practice has strong affinities.

Some people experience it as a meditation or creative visualization. Others are touched by a physical application of energies like those invoked in Reiki. Some go into a fluid state of deep trance similar to hypnosis. The effects may be psychedelic, comparable to ingesting psylocibin mushrooms. Some have been moved into a state of deep prayer and dialogue with a greater power, such as in shaminism or religious faith healing.

I must be direct in saying that I do not create the experience. You do. I facilitate a deep contemplative process for you, but I do not determine its course or its outcome. The active choices are made by your own Higher Self, in collaboration with my own Higher Self and my Antarean cohort. I am mainly serving as a channel and guide, not a director. You may go deep beneath yourself, or stay in the shallows of your own thoughts, with no judgment on my part.

On this point, one client had this to say: “Unlike with other energy healers I have worked with, I felt that my experience with Allan was more collaborative and therefore more memorable. Rather than him doing work on me, I felt that he was supporting me to not only connect deeply with my Higher Self, but to experience the healing on my own terms. The inner guidance I received during the session is present with me on a daily basis.”